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Bodyrelax Therapy offers a comprehensive collection of treatments to bring tranquility and relaxation into your life. Our experienced team of therapists has been hand-picked to ensure a warm welcoming experience with a holistic and beauty approach. Bodyrelax Therapy is a beloved treatment provider in the Széchenyi Spa, in Budapest. The team kindly invites you to peruse a selection of services we offer below.


Bodyrelax Therapy
Relaxing Massage Experience

20 - 90 Minutes
6400 - 21900 HUF

The Bodyrelax Therapy - Relaxing Massage Experience is designed for those who wish to unwind and switch off with a gentle touch of the therapist, whose aim is to rejuvenate you during the treatment without causing any discomfort. The relaxing experience is the perfect choice for those prefer a light sooting treatment. This service combines Swedish soft tissue technics with the unique Bodyrelax joint mobilisation which gives a refreshing feeling for your body and mind. Once you leave the treatment room, you will feel reborn inside, out.

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Bodyrelax Therapy
Refreshing Massage Experience

20 - 90 Minutes
6400 - 21900 HUF

The Bodyrelax Refreshing Massage Experience is our wakening treatment for those, who wish to feel more energised and leave the feeling of tired body and mind behind. The therapist uses a range of invigorating technics considering your needs and it also leads to the increased oxygenated blood flow in the body. The aim of the treatment is to warm up the muscles, increase flexibility, reduce muscle tension and simply maintain the body’s optimal condition. The relaxing experience is the perfect choice for those prefer a light smooth touch. This treatment combines different soft tissue technics depending on your needs with the unique Bodyrelax joint mobilisation at the end, that gives a refreshing feeling for your body and mind. Once you leave the treatment room, you will fee more energised than before.

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Bodyrelax Therapy
Deep Tissue Massage Experience

20 - 90 Minutes
6400 - 21900 HUF

The Bodyrelax Deep Tissue Massage Experience is a firm and slow type of massage which targets the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues. It is beneficial for treating injuries, muscle pain and it relieves tension. Although, the deep tissue is a stronger experience than the relaxing one, it was not meant to cause pain. The treatment combines soft and deep tissue technics with the unique Bodyrelax mobilisation of the joints, which provides you with a refreshing feeling both for your body and mind. 

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Bodyrelax Therapy
Foot Massage Experience

20 Minutes
5500 HUF

A treatment that fits in any busy schedule, giving you a short relaxation. During the Foot Massage Experience the therapist's aim is to relieve tension from the sole, heel and from both arches of the foot. This is the right choice for you if you would like to receive and enjoy a treatment without removing your clothes. We at Bodyrelax Therapy, recommend this treatment for runners and those standing long hours on a daily basis as well as for those simply loves the foot massage as much as we do.

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Bodyrelax Therapy
Pedicure Experience

20 Minutes - 2 Hours
5000 - 18000 HUF

Bodyrelax Therapy offers a range of pedicure treatments from the general foot care treatment to the most luxurious spa pedicures. You might choose the most relevant treatment for your needs and we will ensure, that you will leave with smooth and pampered feet. Our feet specialists at Bodyrelax Therapy recommend this service for both male and female clients.

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Bodyrelax Therapy
Manicure Experience

20 Minutes - 2 Hours
3000 - 16000 HUF

Bodyrelax is happy to announce that we have set a range of Manicure treatments on our service menu. Please find the Express, Standard, Classic and Deluxe Manicure treatments and see the one you prefer. Also, you might choose the popular Gel Polish system or simply, stick with the regular nail polish, if it comes to painting your nails.

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Bodyrelax Therapy
Zone Therapy Experience

30 Minutes 
8 - 10000 HUF

Our popular treatment the Zone Therapy is an alternative therapy involving applied pressure to the feet or hands. It uses specific thumb, finger and hand techniques without the use of any oil or lotion. Zone therapy is based on zones and reflex areas, that reflect an image of the body on the feet or hands. Awaken your senses and renew your soul with this treatment that encourages a healing response deep within your body’s system.

Reach the ultimate relaxation during this treatment and leave feeling revitalised.

Bodyrelax Therapy
Paraffin Wax Experience

30 Minutes
10 - 11000 HUF

Take a moment for yourself with our Paraffin Wax treatment, which stimulates blood circulation, softens and soothes the skin as well as reduces stiffness in the joints, just to mention a few benefits. Our specialists recommend this service for those with dry or dehydrated skin, both for hands of feet. After exfoliation, the therapists build up a layer of the wax on the chosen area, wrap it, then place your hands or feet in warm mitts or booties. 

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Find us at two venues inside the Széchenyi Spa: 

The Body Massage Treatments are located on the Circus side of the Spa, on the first floor, next to the aerobic studio.

The Manicure and Pedicure Treatments are located on the Thermal side of the Spa, next to the Spa's massage rooms.

Please note: The Bodyrelax Therapy is located in the Széchenyi Spa, if you book a single massage, manicure or pedicure appointment you need to purchase a separate ticket for the Bath, in order to receive our treatments and use Spa's the facilities.

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